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Hand painted and hand made crafts, all created with love and care. 

What The Fluff? started with a little pup named Miya. Miya was a Japanese Chin rescued from a puppy mill in Utah. She was 10 years old and immediately required extensive surgery and medication for abcessed teeth and parasites. A year after her rescue, she developed glaucoma which ultimately ended in both eyes needing to be removed. 

Despite her many challenges and rough life, Miya was by far the most loving and trusting dog I've known. She had love for life that I strive to learn from. She traveled, she hiked, and she charmed everyone she came into contact with. 

My goal with What The Fluff? is to create a business that will allow me to continue to rescue senior and special needs animals. The cost of medications and vet visits can be overwhelming but the rewards are worth so much more!


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